BJP Youth Leader Who Was Actively Promoting Modi’s Demonitisation , Held With Rs 20.5 L New Currency

Reportedly, BJP youth wing secretary from Salem, J V R Arun, who had actively been campaigning for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demonetisation drive was arrested by Tamil Nadu police on Saturday during a routine vehicle check.

He was caught with Rs 20.5  Lakh, where in he was held with 926 pieces of Rs 2000 notes, 1000 pieces of Rs 50 and 1530 of Rs 1000 notes, apparently Arun was not able to show the sources of income for the cash held.

Surprisingly, this is the same leader, who posted on his facebook , that he was “ready to stand in any queue for the progress of the country”.

Apparently this incident has put BJP in a major embarrassment and has issued show cause notice to him.